Dr. Phil, how can I get over my fear of flying and get my life back on track? -Aracely from Los Angeles, California

DR. PHIL: Well, what I want people to know today, when we work through this later in the show, is that so many of these phobias are controllable and they can be eliminated.

There are four ways - things you need to do to get over fear. Number one, you've gotta differentiate between irrational fears and rational fears. Because, I mean, some things, fear is a good signal that tells you that there's danger around. But ask yourself, is it proportionate. Number two, understand that you have control. Because you're the one that can control what's going on inside of you, and you do that by changing your internal dialogue. Look, we don't respond to what's really going on in the world. We respond to what we say to ourselves about what's going on in the world. And the power of language is huge. If you use words like "horrible" and "catastrophe,"and "devastating," you're gonna have reactions proportionate to that. So, watch what you say. And be willing to challenge your fears. Get help, get people around you that really care about you, to support you and challenge your fears. And it's something called "self directed systematic desensitization" where you can walk yourself through the very things that our team took Aracely through.

Dr. Phil's steps for self-directed systematic desensitization.

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