Hey, All Stars, Arsenio Hall here. And my question is for you, Dr. Phil. I have a friend who's a doctor, he has a very attractive wife...Recently when I was coming out of a restaurant in Malibu, I saw his wife in a car making out with a man - not the doctor. I didn't call. I forgot that I even saw it because I don't wanna get in it, man. I don't wanna mess up nobody's marriage. Am I wrong for swallowing it all? Am I wrong? Am I not being a good friend? I can't wait to hear your answer. -Aresnio Hall

DR. PHIL: There is not a risk-free way to go, and I'll tell you why. If you tell, then the problem is, they may reconcile and then that person that you busted out is gonna really resent you from busting him out. And you're probably gonna wind up loosing a friend outta the deal, and if you don't tell, your friend has got risk of picking up STD's. I mean, if his wife's out sleeping around, I mean, you didn't see her sleeping around, but she's at least swappin' spit with somebody, and that's bad. So, you've got risk. And you gotta ask yourself, where is your loyalty lie? And your loyalty probably lies with your friend. And ask yourself this: If it was the other way around, would you want him to tell you? And I guess that's why the 60 percent of you that voted yes voted yes 'cause you're saying, "I would wanna know." Would you wanna know? You would wanna know. Here's the risk: in the aftermath, if they reconcile, you could be criticized and be on the outs.

Now there is an alternative that wasn't on the Padgett, you didn't have a choice: and that is, you can go talk to her. You can go talk to her and say, "Look, I came out and saw this and I don't like it, and I don't like what you're doin' to my friend. And you need to straighten your butt up and go talk to him, and deal with this in some way." That is an alternative. So, there are risks to telling and not telling, and there is an alternative where you can talk to her.

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