Is there a way that we can actually come to an agreement on the actual wedding? Am I really being a groomzilla? -Cody from Houston, Texas

DR. PHIL: Well, let's talk about not getting married. Okay? Because if you can't agree on this, you are in for a helluva ride. I'll guarantee you. Now, Cody, you don't wanna pick a fight you can't win. You can't win this fight. Because if you win this fight you lose. If you win the fight and you have a drunken barbecue or whatever it is that you, you decided to have instead of an elegant reception, she will be mad at you about that for the rest of your natural life. And listen, women have a realllly good memory. A really good memory. So, you can't. Wait till your anniversary and throw a big barbecue. Negotiate this out.

When she was five- or six-years-old, 10, 11, 12, she was in her bedroom putting a bath towel on her head, pretending it was her veil. Walking up and down the hallway and doing all of that. Now you come in with a big idea to have a beer bash. It isn't gonna happen, you can't win this fight.

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