So, Phil, how do you tell people if they've got bad breath? Without getting them to hate you for the rest of your life? -Dr. Oz

DR. PHIL: Anytime you're dealing with somebody that has something like that, or it's body odor, or something else, what you've gotta do is be as gentle as you possibly can. Of course you do it privately. And you pull 'em to the side and say, "Listen, can I be honest with you about something? Because I would want you to be honest with me about this. Um, you, you have either body odor or bad breath, or whatever, and you know, "please don't think that I'm being critical because as Dr. Oz says that this can be a warning sign of something." Whether it's stress or health or, or some type of bacteria, or something like that, so listen, if you're a true friend, don't you tell a friend if they've got broccoli in their teeth? A friend will tell you that. And so you just have to do it, but you have to do it gently.

Dr. Oz gives advice about the causes of bad breath.