Dr. Phil McGraw is back for another round of "getting real" with America's most burning relationship questions. Dive in to Dr. Phil's one-of-a-kind advice as only he can tell it in the full Q&A from Ask Oprah's All Stars Episode 3:

1. I've been a bridesmaid 11 times in the past four years. Each wedding has cost around a thousand dollars. I love my friends and I can't say no, so what's the best way for me to save up?

2. Am I really being a groomzilla?

3. How do you deal with conflict in your family?

4. I'm a single mother of two teenage daughters, and my boyfriend wants to sleep over. Am I sending a bad message if I do that?

5. How do my wife and I stop bickering?

6. I saw a woman strike her child in a store. I was horrified, but didn't stop her. Now I feel guilty. Should I have said anything?

7. Arsenio Hall asks Dr. Phil: Do I tell my friend that I saw his wife making out with another man?

8. Other people eventually get over the loss of their pet and they're even able to adopt a new one right away. Why can't I get over the death of Bennett?

9. So, Phil, how do you tell people if they've got bad breath? Without getting them to hate you for the rest of your life?

10. My 16-year-old daughter is having sex, but she made me promise not to tell her dad-slash-my husband. I don't want to betray the ounce of trust I have with my daughter, but I feel like I'm lying to my husband. What should I do?

11. Dr. Phil, what's your action plan for all of us for the week?

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