On the last show, you met Melinda. She is our 52-year-old virgin. And in our quest to help her kick off her love life, you may remember—we wanted to help her out—we sent her to the greenroom to meet three eligible bachelors. So, Melinda went on her date with Ross, and Melinda, you know, we're dying to know. What happened? How'd it go?Gayle King, host of Ask Oprah's All Stars

Melinda: It was very good. I had a great time with him, he was a wonderful guy. However, I'm not sure he's Mr. Right. But we did have a good time. And I did take Dr. Phil's advice. The one about, you know, when you're offered a kiss, you've got to take it. I have to tell you. One of the other guys, Greg, gave me a goodbye kiss when he left. And then, Ross gave me one before we left.

Gayle King: Will there be a second date with you and Ross? You said you don't think he's Mr. Right, but do you think there will be a second date?

Melinda: Well, you know what? There's a lot of distance between us, so I don't know about that.

Dr. Phil: All right, but you asked the producers for the numbers of the other two guys. That's great, I'm so glad to hear it.

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