My stomach always makes the most embarrassing noises. How do I get it to stop?

Dr. Oz: I think this is normal. I'm not worried about it, but one little trick you ought to try is a beet transit test. Do you know what that is? Eat beets and see how long it takes for them to come out. You can tell, right? The color changes almost immediately. See how many hours that is. Ideally, that's going to be the 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-hour range. But not three days and not an hour. It will give you an idea about what's going on. But the other thing that most folks get caught up on—and you shouldn't—is just let it go and pass the gas.

Here's the deal. Most of us pass gas at least once every hour to once every hour and a half. This show is two hours long. So, we're going to be moving it out of there. If you let it go, that's one of the best solutions. I'm talking about, you can do it quietly. You can excuse yourself. Most gas doesn't smell. What makes the gas smell are when the bacteria go to town on things like eggs and sulfates.

In America, we learn the most important things about our bodies before the age of 5. If we don't get it straight, we mess it up the rest of our lives. Passing gas and going to the bathroom are things we should have learned, and we didn't talk about it openly. So, I am trying to break through that right now.

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