I'm young and I eat an unhealthy diet, but I'm not overweight. Am I in the clear?

Dr. Oz: Your weight is 175, and you have no risk factors right now. Your blood sugar is fine, your blood pressure is fine. You are lucky.

But don't con yourself into thinking you are not going to catch up. My big concern is that you will develop habits because you get away from a routine you're supposed to have, and you'll start to develop issues that ultimately will make it very difficult for you to turn back.

You've got to make it easier to do the right thing in your kitchen. You walk into your pantry right now, and you've just got junk, junk, junk, junk and junk. Once you fight the battle in the supermarket, you will win the battle at home.

I'll give you quick tips:

  • I want you eating breakfast within an hour of awakening. A high protein breakfast—not candy bars, not donuts. Choose eggs or something with protein.
  • No eating two hours before bedtime.
  • Do some physical activity. Give me 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day of physical activity. Just make it easy so it's sustainable and you'll do it everyday.

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