How does high blood pressure and high cholesterol affect overweight family members?

Dr. Oz: Danny, you are 360 pounds. Your blood pressure is 170/96. It should be 140/90 at the absolute most. That's when we start treating with medications. At that blood pressure, I send people to the emergency room. That's not a good blood pressure for a young man to have, and it reflects the fact that your arteries are squeezed down. They are being affected by the fat that you've got in your body, that you're beginning to generate damage to all the little very delicate linings of those blood vessels of your body, leading to stroke, heart attack, kidneys issues, all kinds of problems. Some we can't tolerate.

Your blood sugar is 106, which means you are prediabetic. You are not quite where your mom is, but you are going to get there. You are going to catch up to her.

David's weight is 280 pounds. Your triglycerides, that's the fat in your blood, are 266. It ought to be less than 150. You've got cream in your blood. If I were to take your blood and sample it, I'd see cream in there right now.

Your HDL, that's the healthy, good cholesterol—the Mighty Mouse cholesterol that actually is the good stuff that takes away the junk from your arteries—is supposed to be at least 35 to 40. I prefer it be about 50. Yours is 25. I have never, on a television show, talked about an HDL as low as yours. And the major driver of low HDL is belly fat and your genes. You can't control one of them, but you have a lot of control over the other one. We are going to have to deal with that because your blood sugar is also 128, which means you are a diabetic, and you've got a big risk factor of heart disease.

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