I have a problem with constant bad breath. Can you tell me what the cause could be and what I can do to cure it? -Cynthia from the Ask Oprah's All Stars studio audience

DR. OZ: Listen, I don't want you being ashamed or embarrassed about your breath 'cause here's the deal: it's a warning sign to you. You're breath's not supposed to be bad. If it is it could be a bunch of things.

So, first of all let's talk about what might be goin' on in there. Gum issues will be a problem sometimes. When you floss your teeth, do you get bleeding much?


DR. OZ: Okay. That's actually not a common reason, but it's one reason. It's usually not rotting teeth, 'cause most people don't lose their teeth from that, they lose it from gingivitis. Sucking your tongue will often do it. You get little crevices in your tongue.

The last thing is, a lot of folks don't recognize this, big cause of bad breath is from your stomach. And people can't change that. At least as obviously as they can change the other places. So the question then becomes, as a physician is, you know, how do you find out, how do we tell people - which I'm gonna ask Dr. Phil about - and then what do we do about when we get the news. But the big message is, it's your body's wakeup call to you. It's hey, something's not quite right, deal with it. Right? If your car starts smelling', you don't just ignore the problem, you actually figure out some way of getting' to the root of why it smells bad.

SUZE ORMAN: So what should she do?

DR. OZ: Number one, well she shouldn't have gingivitis. Number two, continue to scrape the tongue. Number three you gotta get your stomach evaluated. 'Cause I think the breath is from down there, and there's all kinds of little nooks and crannies from your back of your mouth down to your stomach where food can get stuck. And when that food gets stuck, it will rot and that's what gives you the odor.

So, Phil, how do you tell people if they've got bad breath? Without getting them to hate you for the rest of your life?

Next: Dr. Oz, its come to my attention that hairs are growing out of my nose. Is, it plucking them a safe way to deal with this problem?
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