It was so heartbreaking to hear that this dog ate a Sego Palm. What is a Sego Palm? -Robin Meade, host of Ask Oprah's All Stars

DR. OZ: I'm very sorry about what happened to you, but I've heard it too many times. I'm gonna make this real clear to everybody: this plant is called a Sego Palm. It's pretty commonly purchased in this country. It's unfortunately toxic to dogs. These often are not good for cats either, but they cause liver failure, which is one of the reasons they - they'll kill an animal. They also cause diarrhea so they can't maintain their fluids.

But there's others: oleander, which is a pretty benign looking plant; it can be a big issue 'cause it can cause cardiac arrest. There are toxins it that actually stop the heart. Uh, azaleas will, will cause comas in animals. It'll also cause diarrhea. This is why I say be careful - I cannot tell you how many friends I've had who have gotten animals that haven't gotten - I've had animals get sick from these things. In fact aloe is one of the ones that I worry about. Doesn't kill the dogs usually, but it causes a lot of vomiting, you know, put 'em in the vet's office pretty quickly.

DR. PHIL: Okay, but if you see your dog out nibbling on one of these, what do you?

DR. OZ: The dog goes away, goes to the vet and depending on how much they've eaten, they'll tell you there's some symptoms that will present early diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. Malaise is the first things you'll notice. But if you wait too long the toxins will have already acted. And by the way it's not just plants. Chocolates can be a problem, onions are a big issue. So is garlic. DR. OZ: The ASPCA has a very nice list of these plants. You can find the pictures next to them as well. It's just about being thoughtful. Oftentimes a pet won't go near these, but why risk it, and especially there are times that - where we have flowers in our homes. They can be deadly.

View the ASPCA list and photos of plants that are toxic to dogs.

View the ASPCA list and photos of plants that are toxic to cats.

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