So, Dr. Oz, for instance, when somebody has this kind of debt, what is the physical effect on [your body] under this kind of financial stress? -Suze Orman

DR. OZ: If I can give you a number - I don't wanna pile on with the bad news - but this, again, it's important that we're at least clear where we start 'cause there's places we can go. We know when folks go through any kinda major financial crisis, bankruptcy's the classic example, uh, they lose on average seven years from their life.

Now what's the good news 'cause it doesn't sound good? You've got a step-father obviously loves you. You've probably got other members of your family who care for you. The reason human beings have been able to survive through all kinds of craziness much worse than bankruptcy is 'cause we come together. We pull our resources and we support each other emotionally. If you've got a family unit, or a team around you that can help you emotionally, people who love you and care for you, you loss of life goes under a year. It drops from seven years to less than a year. That's a dramatic improvement. So when you're facing bankruptcy, I would do the tough steps that Suze's talking about, but the most important thing I'd do is make sure you talk to the people who love you. Explain to them why you love them back and keep them darn close to you; closer than your pocketbook would be.

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