What do you think of the juice fasts and cleanses? - Stephanie via The Huffington Post

DR. OZ: I'm okay with the juice fast, oral fast. My one little caveat to that, it's an important one for everybody to remember, is that a lot of folks say, you know what, I'm gonna go on a fast 'cause I'm overweight. But they don't realize they're malnourished.

The fundamental reason I think we get overweight in America is because our brain, our body is looking for nutrients and we're giving it calories. So if you're starving yourself and eating low calorie junk stuff, then you'll get fat, but you won't get nutrients. So, first make sure your nutrient status is in reasonable shape...And then once that's set, then the juice fast makes tons of sense. Remember you gotta do it for a couple of days, not longer, and that'll rest your taste buds. If you really wanna get your liver back on track again, you gotta eat the right diet for a month. That's how long it takes but it's doable.

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