I have been getting colonics for five years to help keep my colon squeaky clean...How often should I have colonics? -Sheri from Venice, California

DR. OZ: You said that [colonics make] you feel squeaky squeaky clean means something to me. This is a colonoscopy. When we actually go and look inside the body, this is what we see. There's no poop there...I mean, it's pretty clean. Right? That's what it looks like. You can see the blood vessels. And the problem I have with colonics is you get in there, some folks don't know how to do 'em well - I gotta say just say that upfront. You don't get trained for years and years to colonics usually. And so sometimes trauma can happen in there, which you don't wanna have. You also mess up a very delicate balance.

When you go to the bathroom - the reason we talk about S-shaped poops that Dr. Phil keeps talkin' about - is because it comes out in a cast of your rectum. That is all that's supposed to be there. It is literally as though someone put cement in the last 18 inches of your bowel, that's what comes out because that's what supposed to come out. You're as clean as you can be if you eat the right kind of food. So my vote is no.

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