Dr. Oz, It's come to my attention that hairs are growing out of my nose. Is, it plucking them a safe way to deal with this problem? -Paul from the Ask Oprah's All Stars studio audience

DR. OZ:As you get older, we get more hairs in places we don't want, and less hairs in places we do want. Right? That's part of the human condition. But, but at the end of the day there are places you should never touch.

I would have hair on my nose, but I use a little trimmer and I cut the hair under my nose. I don't pull it. And here's why you don't pull it. There's very sensitive blood supply, it comes from the - inside of the nose, but it's actually found in the entire front part of the face. And that's why we always say, never touch the triangle of death! The triangle of death is defined by the top of my nose, brow of my nose, coming along the side to the sides of my lips. That's the triangle of death. All of that blood that's draining from there, if there's an infection, a pimple; if I pick, uh, my, my hair and it gets infected, goes right back to my brain. And there's a big vein there called the cavernous sinus, and when that thrombosis, when that clots off, you're cooked. And then the bacteria get in there and it's party time for the bad boys. So you never wanna touch anything in that triangle of death. I tell you, if you, if you teens with pimples there, and adult men with, with hair there, women, please do not fool around in that area; it's a bad place to play. I have dealt with those problems. They're not pretty.

If you got a pimple between this triangle, within that triangle, you're not gonna squeeze it, you're not gonna plow out or plug at it, you're gonna deal with it in a very professional way, let the thing heal on its own. You got a pimple on the side of your face, go ahead and do whatever you wanna do with it.

SUZE ORMAN: What happens about a facial? We get facials and do you know how when they do the facials they go in that area, ladies, and how - are you telling us that we're not supposed to have these women get out [the blackheads]?

DR. OZ: Yeah, but these are blackheads with pores that are full. There's not an infection in there. But when you get a pimple on your nose and you start pushing at it, you've pushed the puss in because it's not - often not ready to go. Inside the nose it's a big issue back there 'cause you - it's a contaminated area obviously. You pull a hair you traumatize it and you can get little pustules in there and those bad boys will grow.

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