Now Suze, you're a numbers person. What's your blood pressure?Dr. Mehmet Oz

Suze Orman: I don't have a clue

Dr. Oz
: Listen, there are some things in life you just need to need the numbers on. There are some mysteries out there we're never going to figure out, but this is not one of them. This is something that is knowable and fixable.

The 9 numbers every woman should know

Blood pressure is the number one cause of aging. And you know why? High blood pressure scrapes off the delicate lining of your arteries, which the body's got to fix with whatever it has. And the plaster of the body that fixes the holes punched in your arteries by the high blood pressure is cholesterol.

So if you've got high blood pressure and high cholesterol, of 296, I can guarantee you're making a lot of plaque in there. And that plaque is the kind of stuff that causes the strokes, heart attacks, impotence—all the things we talk about day in and day out, and it is reversible.

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