America's doctor, Mehmet Oz, wants you to help you get on the path to living better.

"It's pretty simple: You've got to show up in your own life. Too many of us think showing up means literally walking out when it makes sense. We back our way through life, we don't bring together the team. There's never been a championship won by someone that didn't show up on the field.

So, you've got to pull it all together, bring the people around you that you love dearly, the folks you think can help you, the mentors you need, and pay attention to what we're talking about today because these are life lessons that can drastically change your life and the people around you as well. And we're going to do it all together." Let the advice-a-thon begin!

Dr. Oz tackles your health questions:

1. I'm too tired to think about sex. How do I get my energy back?

2. How can I live longer? And what does your "real age" mean?

3. What is my blood pressure and why is it important?

4. I hate vegetables! Why do I have to eat them?

5. What are the red flags that show I am aging too fast?

6. What is a vulva?

7. Why is splurging so bad and what can I do to counteract it if i do?

8. Why do I have a third nipple?

9. How can I live my best life this year?

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As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.