What does being overweight do to me financially?

Suze: In all the years I've been dealing with money, usually when somebody is overweight, they also have credit card debt. They don't have as much savings as they should, and then they start to get stressed out because the older they get, the less money they have and the more weight they gain—it's a catch-22.

Do you know that, on average, an obese person makes $3.41 less per hour than somebody who is not obese? That adds up to $7,000 a year less. Now, if you extrapolate that over a working lifetime—30 or 40 years—you are looking at $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 simply because you are overweight.

Why do overweight people make less money? Well, [employers] know there's a lot of cost. When you're overweight, you call in sick. You don't show up, and it costs the employers money—and they know it.

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