How can I go into a store, if I'm going for one item, and just get that one item? And not a whole wardrobe?-Elizabeth from theAsk Oprah's All Starsstudio audience

SUZE ORMAN: All right, so here is my thing. I just wanna make a few statements as I personally stand in the Circle of Truth - that's what we'll call this. I know one thing for sure, we spend more than when we feel less than. I watched your video and you said, "I shop and it makes me feel happy." You feel happy because somewhere in you something is very unhappy and very wrong. Now, I could very easily say, yeah, only spend money that you have cash for, but here's what I have a real problem with you. And here it is this: We sent you a whole package of stuff, to say, how much are your expenses, how much credit card debt is. And do you know what you did? You both sent those back and you refused to fill them out. I don't know what your mortgage is, your rent is. I don't know what your expenses are. I know nothing about you financially speaking, and then you put conditions upon me. Can you imagine? I can't tell all of you how much credit card debt they have. So, I want you now to come up here and stand in the Circle of Truth with me. Because here is what I know for sure... To erase it you have to face it.

SUZE ORMAN: I'll tell you what's wrong. It allows you and everybody around you to live a financial lie. Your friends ask you, "Let's go out to eat." "Let's go do this." "Let's go on vacation." If they knew how much credit card debt that she just told me, and debt that she has, there'd be no way that I as a respectful friend would ever say to her, "Let's go out to eat." I would bring her food! So, when we all talk about it, now we're okay. You can all sit down. Right? So, here's the real thing. This is not a financial problem, gal. This is a problem for Dr. Phil to come on over here, and deal with you, as to why do you continue to shop, why do you continue, in my opinion, to commit financial suicide? Elizabeth, meet Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil gives Elizabeth his advice on being a shopaholic.

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