What's your All Star Action Plan for the week? -Robin Meade, host of Ask Oprah's All Stars

SUZE ORMAN: Well, listen, you're all spending money and you're putting it on your credit cards, so this is what I'm asking you to do. Before you spend another penny, you have to ask yourself: Is this a need or is this a want? Now, if it's a need, obviously you have to buy it. If it's a want, you better think twice about it.

Then you better ask yourself: Why do I want to buy it? Do you wanna impress somebody? What's goin' on with you that you wanna spend money on something that you just want when you don't have the money to spend?

If you then go to the next step, you have to ask yourself: Can I afford it? And if you can't afford it, guess what you're gonna say to yourself? I am denied!