Hey Suze, I got a question for you, because it's something my husband and I always discuss. When it comes to a car, is it better to lease the car or to own the car? I know a lot of different variables come into play, but is there a way that you can kind of summarize it for us, as best as Suze can, 'cause we know you do that so well?-Nancy O'Dell

SUZE ORMAN: You should never ever, ever lease a car. Now I know everybody thinks that leasing is good 'cause the payments are so little. But it's like you're renting a car for the rest of your life. If you wanna be smart you buy a car. If you wanna be smart you buy a car and you keep it for 10 or 15 years, believe it or not. Now you're being intelligent with your money. How much of a car should you buy if you're buying a car? Here's how you know. If you're going to be financing a car, you should know you should be able to afford the car payments every single month, if you purchased it and financed it over a three-year period of time. To afford the payments, if you have to finance it over four, five or six years, you cannot afford it.

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