I'd like to know how to ask my boss for a raise. -Brooke from the Ask Oprah's All Stars studio audience

SUZE ORMAN: So first of all, you're going have to document why you think you should have a raise. Why? What have you done so you deserve a raise? Have you helped the bottom line of the company? Have you helped your boss, life be easier? Have you done things that you know without a shadow of a doubt, are invaluable? Do you?

Next, here is what's key. In asking for a raise, all right, when you ask for a raise everybody, you're not gonna say, "Hey, can I have a 5 percent raise?" If you do that, your boss can say, no.

If your boss says, "No," then what are you gonna do? What you're gonna do is ask an open-ended question. "Can I have a 5 or 10 percent raise?" Now you've put your boss in a situation where he's like, "Huh? What, what, that, wait, what?" Five or 10 percent. And now you have turned it on him just a little bit.

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