So, we're starting 2011. It's time to help you live your own best life, and each one of them has a plan for you. Suze, you start us off.Gayle King, Host of Ask Oprah's All Stars

What I'd like you to do is try to commit for the next month to only spend cash. Leave those credit cards at home. Since you're only gonna be spending cash, this is what I want you to do.

Find your hidden assets

Every day when you go to your wallet, I want you to line up those bills in order. You know, when you respect your money, you also respect yourself. So, all the ones, fives, tens, twenties, should all be in the right order facing the right direction, and you should be counting them so you know how much cash you actually have.

And third, I did this a long time ago, I remember, on The Oprah Winfrey Show and it was so successful only spend paper money, do not spend change. So, if you go into a place and you want to buy something for $4.50 and you give them a five dollar bill, and they give you fifty cents back, put it in your pocket. If you go to the next place and you're buying something for a quarter, give them a dollar and get 75 cents back. If you only spend paper money, I promise you, you will save in change $30 to $60 easily without even having known, well, where did that come from? Try that and you'll see, it works. And then, at the end of every month, take it into the bank and put it towards your credit cards.

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