Financial powerhouse Suze Orman helps you uncover your hidden wealth, pay off debt on department store credit cards and more.
Whether you want to know about wealth or your health or relationships,Oprah's All Starshave you covered. In 2011, financial powerhouse Suze Orman wants you to be able to "stand in your truth."

"I want you to know who you are and I want you to know more about what you have," she says. "And if you can do that, you can turn your financial situation around."

Suze tackles the tough questions:

1. I get mail that says I have money coming to me. Is it a scam?

2. Many department stores offer 20 percent off when you sign up for their credit card. Is it okay to actually take advantage of that discount, and then rip up your card and never use it again?

3. What is the best way to pay down debt on department store credit cards?

4. What does being overweight do to me financially?

5. My twin sister borrowed $4,000 from me and now says she can't pay it back. Yet I see her getting her nails done every week, and she just took her kids on a vacation. What do I say to her?

Plus, follow Suze's Action Plan: What you should do to start the New Year off right

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