Smoking is a monkey on my back. Dr. Oz, how do I stop craving cigarettes once and for all? -Michelle from Michigan

DR. OZ: So, let me ask you, if the - you know, if I could think about it a little differently. 'Cause right now what - you're probably thinking, "I'm not worth it, I'm ashamed, I'm stupid."I'm not gonna put these words in your mouth, but I suspect you and, you know, lots of other smokers out there - in fact, many folks who have addictions, many people who are doing things to hurt themselves - are probably thinking the same thing. I learned long ago with my practice, 'cause I'm a heart surgeon, I still operate, and I still tell people that smoke to stop smoking. But I don't say it that way anymore, 'cause I learned no one listens to that, 'cause they already know that. So I'm gonna say it a little differently. I'm gonna look at you right now and say, I love you. I care about you. This audience cares about you. Phil and Suze do. All we want you to do is to love yourself as much as we do.

All right, let me just show you something. This is what happens when you smoke...You take one deep breath into the lung. The air is filling in and with that the smoke goes into the bronchi, into the small little holes. Now watch what that smoke does, it takes these nice small little sponge-like cells and destroys them! Creating what we know to be the pothole, moth-eaten appearance of emphysema.

Now these little precious things...are what lungs should look like. Now I'm just gonna show it to ya, 'cause I don't want you to be able to hide from the reality what your body right now is going through.

The air that fills these lungs is a magical substance for the lungs. And when I see lungs like this, as someone who's spent his whole life thinking about how beautiful the body is when it's created, and when I see the tar deposition, the pigments there, from the cigarette smoke that you've been gettin' in your lungs. I see the emphysema changes, the - that potholed appearance that you can sometimes see in the top parts of the lungs here.

I want you and everybody here to do a little experiment with me. I want you to take as deep a breath as you can. Fill it all the way up, all the way up, all the way up. You okay? Keep, keep holding it, keep holding it, keep holding it. All right, take a deeper breath. A little bit, a little bit more! You feel that aching in there? Yeah. Let it go now. That's emphysema. Emphysema is when your lungs fill so much the air pockets blow up and they can't get the air out anymore.

A third of all smokers will develop emphysema and it's not dependent upon how much you smoke. Much less than that probably 5 or 10 percent develop lung cancer. There are other cancers you develop...So we know the chance of someone succeeding when they try to go cold turkey's about five percent. If you go on the medications, it's about 50 percent. So there's a big difference. It's something that only you can make a difference on. The other thing you gotta do is figure out why does it matter to you.

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