How can I go into a store, if I'm going for one item, and just get that one item? And not a whole wardrobe?-Elizabeth from theAsk Oprah's All Starsstudio audience

DR. OZ: What you have is a socially acceptable addiction. And we have a lot of 'em.

DR. PHIL: Why is it socially acceptable? Are you kidding me?

DR. OZ: She can get away with it and people don't call her on it.

DR. PHIL: I do!

DR. OZ: If you - yeah, you just did, but most people don't. And you're not most people.

DR. OZ: Yeah, but if she was doin' crack cocaine, which by the way, when you do that shopping stuff you're doing, it hits your brain in the same place as crack cocaine does. And it feels just the same way, and it wears out that part of your brain which is why you get the rebound. So, I think it's fundamentally important to recognize that if I made a pill - if a pill existed for the approach you take to shopping, you'd overbuy it, you'd take it. And we do that in America, right? You get the smallest little issue and we start to medicate it. And I know medications are pain killers, this is something that's gonna take the personal growth that's your journey in life.

DR. PHIL: You know, listen. Part of maturity is learning to tell yourself no. You know, when you're a kid, "Why don't you eat your broccoli?" "'Cause I don't like it," that's the rationale. When you're adult, you learn that you have to do things you don't always wanna do, and not do things that you wouldn't wanna do. We're not just purely hedonistic. You need to mature enough to say, I need to learn tell myself no. 'Cause that money you're blowin'? The day's gonna come when you wish you had that back. You're gonna wish that you had that back.

DR. OZ: There's something adaptive about what you're doin'. That - and like most of our maladaptive behaviors, right? You're doing this because it's helping something, you gotta figure that out.

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