8. Every other month, I read some new study about how dangerous cell phones are. Do I really need to worry, Dr. Oz?

DR. OZ: The World Health Organization got a bunch of scientists together very recently and they looked at all the information and they decided to change the status of cell phones from safe to potentially carcinogenic. What they're saying is there's enough going on out there that we're getting a little concerned about it, because we know that the brain cells will change if you got a cell phone on that side of your head, And we know that some people seem to have more of these tumors in the ear and the brain area if it's on the side they've been using their phone. So, what would I do? Number one, use those corded headsets - you know, those little ear buds -when you're using a cell phone or a speaker phone if it's possible. You don't want to wear those ear attachments like jewelry. Those are antennas. They are still receiving radio frequency energy and if you got a poor signal, what does your cell phone have to do? It's gotta jack up its energy, right? And big deal.

Don't put the cell phone near you if it doesn't have to be near you. So don't wear it in your pockets if you're a guy, your pants pockets, because it reduces sperm counts. And when you go to sleep at night, move the cell phone away from your bed because every inch you move it away dramatically reduces the effect of that radio frequency on your body.