1. I absolutely, 100% hate tipping. It makes no sense at all. Why should I tip you for you just doing your job?

SUZE ORMAN: So you're in a restaurant, somebody waits on you. It should be your incredible joy to pay at least 15 to 20% of the bill there to tip them.

However, if you're gonna take food out, you call it in you’re gonna pick it up, no obligation. Got that? However, if you decide to call up and they deliver to you, you should tip them 10-15%.

Now, you go [for] a drink, you order one to two dollars a drink or [more], again 15-20 % of the tab if a lot of people are there.

Now, if you happen to see a tipping jar, no obligation. Don't worry about it. But you go somewhere and a valet brings your car to you, two to five boyfriend, $2 to 5 dollars.

DR.PHIL: It's a big part of their basic income, but seriously the places don't pay them minimum wage. They pay them less than minimum wage knowing that they're gonna get service fees, tips, and they work really hard for that.