Oprah's experts on relationships, personal finances and health are back for another action-packed season of All Star advice!

On the Season 2 premiere, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Dr. Oz return to give viewers the Ultimate Checklists for living their Best Life. Plus, don't miss a surprising update from the 52 year-old virgin!

Click on each of the links below for answers to your most burning questions. Then, make sure to tune in Sundays at 9/8c for all new episodes!

1. I absolutely, 100% hate tipping. It makes no sense at all. Why should I tip you for you just doing your job?

2. Dr. Phil, how do I get my ex-husband to stop spoiling our children and become a united front with me before it's too late?

3. I'm currently facing bankruptcy. What steps should I take?

4. I lost my grandmother to heart disease, so Dr. Oz, how do I know if I'm at risk and what can I do to prevent it?

5. I'm gonna be a Freshman in college and I'm getting bombarded by credit card companies. Suze, how many credit cards should I really have?

6. Dr. Phil, is it okay to spank and if so what is the right way?

7. It is Ask Oprah's All-Stars and the 52-year old virgin is back with some big news. Has Melinda's romantic life improved since we saw her last on season 1?

8. Every other month, I read some new study about how dangerous cell phones are. Do I really need to worry, Dr. Oz?

9. I purchase things because it will help us feel better and get us motivated. I would love to get a job, but I don't feel I am very marketable at my age. Hey All-Stars! How do Joe and I get out of this mid-life financial crisis?

10. Dr. Oz shines some light on vitamin supplements.

11. Dr. Oz., people ask us all the time. We think it. How can we live to be a hundred?

12. Suze Orman's final piece of advice

13. Dr. Phil's final piece of advice

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