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Ask Oprah's All Stars - That's Embarrassing!

All Stars
Oprah's experts on relationships, personal finances and health are back for another action-packed season of All Star advice!

On this episode, Ask Oprah's All Stars tackle America's most embarrassing questions!!!

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1. What are the healthy benign reasons for masturbation?

2. Suze, should I negotiate with my bank to keep my house?

3. Dr. Phil, how and when do I tell a man that I've lost 160 lbs?

4. Dr. Oz, what are the options for restoring my post-birth vagina?

5. Suze and Dr. Phil, how do I cope with my lower income lifestyle?

6. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, how do I get over the embarrassment from excessive sweating?

7. Dr. Phil, how do I stop being overprotective of my son?

8. Suze, how can I tell if investment is a fraud?

9. Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, how do I know when my herpes is contagious, and how do I tell my partner that I have herpes?

10. Dr. Oz, why do adults get acne, and what's the correct way to pop a pimple?

11. The All Stars most embarrassing moments

What are the healthy benign reasons for masturbation?
Dr. Oz: All right, Twenty-one times a month, will reduce your chance of prostate cancer by thirty three percent.

Prostate Cancer is an ailment that almost all men will get before they die. I think this is shocking Phil, this may blow your mind but I'm gonna say it right now. Twenty-five percent of men in their 70's and 80's are having sex all they want. Twenty-five percent - If you're going to show a one third reduction in any kind of cancer I mean, chemotherapy doesn't give you that.
Dr. Phil, how and when do I tell a man that I've lost 160 lbs?
Dr. Phil: You have achieved something that you should be proud of. Even now you're in closed body position. You couldn't even be anymore wrapped up like a mummy. You're in closed body position that means stay away I don't want to present myself to you. You've got to decide that you're gonna give yourself permission to claim what you've achieved, to celebrate what you've achieved and when you meet some guy that's got a problem with that, kick his ass to the curb.

You want to know something about me, let me tell you what I have overcome in my life. Let me tell you about determination and let me tell you about achievement. You've got to give yourself permission to do that.

You don't want to meet them and say, "Hi I'm half of Amber" you know, I wouldn't lead with it. I would tell him about the things that I am really proud of and that I've done a good job with me and then I'd say I have a really big accomplishment that I'd like to tell you about. I've lost 160 pounds in my life. It was a big thing it was painful and I'm really proud of that. Tell him how to feel about it because you need to tell us how to feel about these things.

You need to put the dots real close together and put them with a bright red line and if you tell him you should be proud of me for this then he will. If you say oh I don't know, this is gonna freak you out. Then, then that's what he'll do too. So tell him how to feel about it and when you do, do it early on.
Suze and Dr. Phil, how do I cope with my lower income lifestyle?
Suze Orman: So here's the real question is that you were abusing your money when you had it. Who needs three or four cars? Two needs all the junk that you had? You know who needs something like that, a very insecure person. You were making it so that your money defined how you happened to appear to everybody and now you think you're a nobody because you didn't have any money. Here's the key: you were somebody with money and you'll be a somebody without money.

Dr. Phil: let me cut through the financial part of this because I don't think you can withstand a Suze Orman audit.

Back in the old booming Texas, you'd see all these guys rolling around town like they were some oil barren and you know, they couldn't afford to pay attention.

Let me give you a suggestion here. Really and I'm being really really serious about this. You need to send out a blast e-mail and tell [your friends] to watch this show and then everybody will be caught up to date and here's the thing. If they were your friends when you could afford to pick up 2,000 dollar bar tabs.

Then you've lost nothing because you've had nothing - kind of like your financial situation, some interesting parallels, but your young enough to get a fresh start. Do an autopsy on what happened so you don't repeat this. If you get some money together and you spend it like a drunken sailor on shore leave, then you're not gonna have it, just letting emotions run you. Decide what really matters in your life and build on strength instead of on this house of cards.
Dr. Phil, how do I stop being overprotective of my son?
Dr. Phil: Feel blessed that you have a parent that has invested in you, that you have a parent that cares about you and that loves you instead of not having any concern for you whatsoever. So be happy with that, but now your gonna like what I have to say to your mother.

Understand that you're operating under a delusion of control. You're not doing this for him, your doing this for you. What you're doing doesn't help him at all. All it does is give you a fix for you anxiety that you think that he is not competent enough to do what he needs to do in the world. Give yourself more credit for having raised him better than that. He is an intelligent young man, you are calling him and tracking him to make yourself feel better. This isn't even about him this is all about you.

You're doing this because you need a fix. You need reassurance and you go from one fix to the next. Reassurance to reassurance to reassurance. This is all about you need to deal with that security issue and leave that young man along.
Suze, how can I tell if investment is a fraud?
Suze Orman: All right. Your question to me is, "how do you not get scammed?" You don't get scammed when you don't get caught up in absolute ridiculous strategies that are going to make you a lot of money. Just cause your cousin did something and your boyfriend did something or your friend did something and it sounds great. We all wanna be a part of something to make us all rich overnight. It doesn't work that way, it will never work that way.

Put a thousand dollars in. Put five hundred dollars in. But you put 12 thousand dollars in...even to this day, Suze Orman would never invest in something that was speculative if I thought that losing it would affect me.

Unless you are a sophisticated investor, you should never buy a stock that is under 15 dollars a share. Anything under 15 dollars a share is speculative and could very easy go off the charts and it's away. 15 dollars a share or above, pretty legitimate. Only want to invest with something that is with a major brokerage from discount firm, the stock itself is traded on the stock market, it is legitimate.
Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, how do I know when my herpes is contagious, and how do I tell my partner that I have herpes?
Dr. Phil: Here's the thing, you know, when you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. And you have chosen some behaviors along the way that have gotten you infected with an STD.

You do have to tell your partner about this because you can't put somebody at risk without having a discussion about this and talking about it.

It's how you tell it can make a big difference. You don't wanna sit down and say, "Boy have I got something that's gonna freak you out." What you need to do is tell them calmly and say, "Look, look. I need to share something with you. I think we can manage it, I hope we can, but I wanna be responsible and tell you about this," and put it on the table before you have sex. You just have to do that cause you're not ever gonna be completely safe, Dr. Oz. True?

Dr. Oz: Not only is it regular sex, but oral sex is also a problem. And just to be real clear on the answer to your question, when you have ulcers, you are very, very contagious but you are still contagious when you don't have any ulcers at all. In fact, we estimate that at least two thirds of all virus transmissions happen when there are no ulcers present period.

I just wanna make sure that you're safe in what you do and I don't want you to think that you got a big Scarlet letter on your chest now, that you're not gonna be loved by anybody. But I think if you love the person you're with and they love you back, you've had that full conversation that Phil talked about, that you should always wear condoms Dr. Phil: And if you don't, you're gonna feel bad and guilty about it if you do inadvertently infect someone. I wouldn't do it in the heat of the moment. I would do it calmly just when you're walking down the street or you're sitting and having a conversation where you can say, "Look, I need to share something with you that a reality with me." And do your homework and know your facts and let them know that you can have a normal, healthy sexual relationship, but you just have to follow certain guidelines.


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