Suze, how can I tell if investment is a fraud?
Suze Orman: All right. Your question to me is, "how do you not get scammed?" You don't get scammed when you don't get caught up in absolute ridiculous strategies that are going to make you a lot of money. Just cause your cousin did something and your boyfriend did something or your friend did something and it sounds great. We all wanna be a part of something to make us all rich overnight. It doesn't work that way, it will never work that way.

Put a thousand dollars in. Put five hundred dollars in. But you put 12 thousand dollars in...even to this day, Suze Orman would never invest in something that was speculative if I thought that losing it would affect me.

Unless you are a sophisticated investor, you should never buy a stock that is under 15 dollars a share. Anything under 15 dollars a share is speculative and could very easy go off the charts and it's away. 15 dollars a share or above, pretty legitimate. Only want to invest with something that is with a major brokerage from discount firm, the stock itself is traded on the stock market, it is legitimate.