Dr. Phil, how do I stop being overprotective of my son?
Dr. Phil: Feel blessed that you have a parent that has invested in you, that you have a parent that cares about you and that loves you instead of not having any concern for you whatsoever. So be happy with that, but now your gonna like what I have to say to your mother.

Understand that you're operating under a delusion of control. You're not doing this for him, your doing this for you. What you're doing doesn't help him at all. All it does is give you a fix for you anxiety that you think that he is not competent enough to do what he needs to do in the world. Give yourself more credit for having raised him better than that. He is an intelligent young man, you are calling him and tracking him to make yourself feel better. This isn't even about him this is all about you.

You're doing this because you need a fix. You need reassurance and you go from one fix to the next. Reassurance to reassurance to reassurance. This is all about you need to deal with that security issue and leave that young man along.