Suze and Dr. Phil, how do I cope with my lower income lifestyle?
Suze Orman: So here's the real question is that you were abusing your money when you had it. Who needs three or four cars? Two needs all the junk that you had? You know who needs something like that, a very insecure person. You were making it so that your money defined how you happened to appear to everybody and now you think you're a nobody because you didn't have any money. Here's the key: you were somebody with money and you'll be a somebody without money.

Dr. Phil: let me cut through the financial part of this because I don't think you can withstand a Suze Orman audit.

Back in the old booming Texas, you'd see all these guys rolling around town like they were some oil barren and you know, they couldn't afford to pay attention.

Let me give you a suggestion here. Really and I'm being really really serious about this. You need to send out a blast e-mail and tell [your friends] to watch this show and then everybody will be caught up to date and here's the thing. If they were your friends when you could afford to pick up 2,000 dollar bar tabs.

Then you've lost nothing because you've had nothing - kind of like your financial situation, some interesting parallels, but your young enough to get a fresh start. Do an autopsy on what happened so you don't repeat this. If you get some money together and you spend it like a drunken sailor on shore leave, then you're not gonna have it, just letting emotions run you. Decide what really matters in your life and build on strength instead of on this house of cards.