Oprah's experts on relationships, personal finances and health are back for another action-packed season of All Star advice!

On this episode, Ask Oprah's All Stars tackle America's most embarrassing questions!!!

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1. What are the healthy benign reasons for masturbation?

2. Suze, should I negotiate with my bank to keep my house?

3. Dr. Phil, how and when do I tell a man that I've lost 160 lbs?

4. Dr. Oz, what are the options for restoring my post-birth vagina?

5. Suze and Dr. Phil, how do I cope with my lower income lifestyle?

6. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, how do I get over the embarrassment from excessive sweating?

7. Dr. Phil, how do I stop being overprotective of my son?

8. Suze, how can I tell if investment is a fraud?

9. Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, how do I know when my herpes is contagious, and how do I tell my partner that I have herpes?

10. Dr. Oz, why do adults get acne, and what's the correct way to pop a pimple?

11. The All Stars most embarrassing moments