Dr. Oz, is it true that sex drive decreases after menopause?
DR. OZ: Well it's not for everybody, but on average, yeah, it'll decrease, because not just the estrogen decreases when you go through menopause, but your testosterone does too, and the testosterone drives libido.

You know there's lots you can do about it. Any type of people - one of the things that makes women heavy when they go through menopause is they start to wanna make estrogen from other sources, so they make for fat cells cause fat cells make estrogen. So if you could eat the right kinds of fats, that could help. Make sure your thyroid's in tact, make sure your iron levels are in tact. There are things you could do to keep your libido where it is. And by the way, you might have a huge libido at 49 and it's a little bit less at age 50.