About ten years ago I had a tubal reversal done so that my husband and I can have children together and at that time he made me a promise that I can get a tummy tuck done when we were finished having kids. Dr. Phil, should my husband have to honor his promise to me? Suze, is there a way we could afford to pay for a tummy tuck?
SUZE ORMAN: It's simple because I looked at you finances. You have five hundred dollars of credit card debit, you have ten thousand dollars in savings. According to Suze rules you always need at least an eight month emergency fund that's not ten thousand dollars so while maybe you want this, this isn't something that you need, and right now in today's economy money needs to be spent on needs, not want especially when you have credit card debt and only ten thousand dollars in savings. I don't understand what the problem is.

DR. PHIL: Frances, if you knew that this was gonna put you in financial jeopardy would you want to do it anyway?

FRANCES: The responsible side of me says no. But the side of me that sees what's left after kids says yes.

DR. PHIL: But you, you really would put your children, their security - you would put that at risk in order to have that cosmetic procedure?

FRANCES: No I wouldn't. DP: Okay so I mean that's the whole bottom line cause that's exactly what you're gonna do. By the way Dr. Oz, how painful is a tummy tuck?

DR. OZ: It hurts a lot. Of all the plastics procedure's it's probably the most fraught with complications.