Suze, how can I help my husband get his finances in order without jeopardizing my own?
Suze Orman: I feel like you are in this financially battered relationship. It hasn't changed in 16 years! We're not talking about this happened 16 months ago, or 16 days ago, this has been going on for 16 years! He lied to you last week. Here's what I want you to do financially speaking. I want you to close down every single one of your credit cards - That you currently have...and I want you to do something powerful for yourself, right now your in defense; I want you to go to financial offense.

Here's how your going to do it, your gonna close down every single one of your credit cards. You are then going to put a credit freeze cause you don't need credit cards either. We're just gonna go to an all cash basis. Seriously, we're gonna go to a all cash basis, I don't care if you have to go into these stores and buy the credit cards that are there, and fund them until you send them but you are not going to have a credit card in your name.

You are also going to put a credit freeze on your credit report. What is a credit freeze? A credit freeze, a company by the name of Trusted ID can go online look them up, does this for you; it makes it so that if anybody even applies to even get any information about you whatsoever, your accounts are frozen...but if he wants to make more, and he wants to put it in his name, after divorce, if it gets to that, we can prove that that's what he did, and you won't be liable for it...all right, you're gonna do that, honest to God, this is not a financial problem. Dr. Phil has said it over and over and over again, that you don't solve a financial problem by throwing money at it.