Dr. Phil, is it unrealistic to have a man wish list with 100 traits?
DR. PHIL: Okay, let me tell you. If I could find a guy that could do 20 of these, I would marry him, okay? And you want a hundred of these. You realize that this isn't gonna happen, right? I actually went over that with [my wife] Robin last night. She said, "You don't get out of the top five." Okay? That's not gonna happen.

Look, lemme tell you. I strongly believe that what you need to do if you really wanna find somebody, is you've got to go for an 80 percent candidate. You've gotta find out those things that you really think matter. Values, beliefs, things that really define who he is...One of the things that I thought when I first read that is, I thought this is your way to not get into a relationship. This is your way to hide from intimacy because if you never find the candidate, then you don't have to take the risk of committing. Now that's what this says to me. It's a good excuse to sit on the sidelines. It's a good excuse to sit on the sidelines.