Dr. Oz, is drinking vinegar damaging to my health?
Dr. Oz: Hey Kristin so let me ask you how much of this vinegar of this white vinegar you drink a day?

Kristen: Probably about two ounces.

Dr. Oz: That's just fine it's not a problem...You know what it's really cool actually. So, vinegar is acidic acids made with the bacteria and the alcohol and converse it. So its a natural product its does clean your windows but it does also things for your body. A lot of folks us it as a exfoliate on there face because it does force the skin to rejuvenate itself a lot of people have used it for gastrointestinal issues. But I tell you if you want to go on a diet it's not a bad aid to use because it slows down the way sugars get into your body. It also, cause of the taste, takes away your appetite.

For your daughter again the amount that we are talking about is probably at most an ounce a day there shouldn't be more then that so we are good, I think that's just fine. I want you to continue using it. And you know what it's inexpensive. Suze, it doesn't cost a penny.