Dr. Oz, is it normal for there to be bumps on a man's penis?
Dr. Oz: All right so Jared the rule the thumb on penile bumps: they are not all sexual transmitted diseases although some of them are. Some of these are small infections. You can get little nodules inside the penis from sebaceous cysts that's a collection of material.

If they are a lot of them they will look like they are little skin tags growing off of them that's often a sign of a viral infection that's sexually transmitted. You can get mad at them for that.

The kinds of ulcers that have, that are painful those are usually a clue that they're infections as well. So any sores of that nature ought to be addressed pretty aggressively, but what I worry much more about is a lump that's continuing to grow and getting larger and larger invading the tissue around it cause that's much more common for cancers.