Suze, How do I say no to anyone who asks for money? Even if I don't have it, I will try to borrow it from someone just to give it to that person. Is this normal?
Suze Orman: Again its not only not normal it is not wise especially if you have to borrow it. If you have to borrow it means you don't have money yourself. Listen there needs to be rules and regulations for when you lend money no matter who you are whether you have money or you don't and here they are very quickly.

Before you lend money to anybody you your self should not have any credit card debit. You yourself should have at least and eight month emergency fund after the amount of money that you are going to lend them; you know you have to be fully funding your retirement account not just for this year but for the years that you have been working. And any money that you lend is money that you have to substitute the word "I'm going to loan it" and say "I am going to give it" because if you think you're gonna get the money back I am here to tell you I don't think so.

So, it's got to be money that you can give away and you never care if you get it back or not.