Is it normal for my husband to want to have anal sex?
Dr. Oz: There is no question about it is normal. It's not only normal in our survey obviously common but if you know, lots of studies done on this topic make sure the same things forty percent of men and forty percent of women both have anal sex periodically. It's not common to have it every time. It should be something that again is part of that forbidden fruit desire lust that we have. It should be negotiated and discussed, it cannot be a power play.

A couple key things: There are different nerve endings in the anus stem in the vaginal area. So different types of stimulation, different types of orgasms. There's reasons why it could bring intimacy into a relationship if it's handled the right way. You got to use lubrication alright, for those who are thinking about it. And it's important to recognize you can still transmit sexually transmit...illnesses that way which is a big deal for me. But with that question it's normal.