Dr. Oz, are there any dangerous germs in communal bathrooms?
Dr. Oz:The bathroom is not the most dangerous place when you're in college believe it or not. It's well ventilated; it gets cleaned a lot...It might be the grossest place, but I think the grossest thing to touch, is a keyboard, or your phone, cause its got those nooks and crannies that never get cleaned, same with a hospital. By the way, forget about the toilets in the hospital, someone cleans those. No one cleans the television remote touch it, touch your under arms, touch it, it all collects there.

A couple of things, don't make sense, E. coli, etc. they get kindly passed along. If you flush that toilet in that communal bathroom, all that E. coli, that fecal material gets into a plume and aerosolizes in the room. If you cannot lick the floor you're walking on, you better be wearing one of these because that's where you really get hurt in the bathroom and the last little myth, if I can debunk this for all the 20 somethings out there, you cannot get a sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat, unless your having sex on it alright. Other than that those seats are clean...and viruses are dead within a couple of hours.