Dr. Oz, what is the safest way to have multiple sex partners?
Dr. Oz: The biggest risk you have is not pregnancy. As a physician what I'm really concerned about is sexually transmitted diseases cause they keep giving and giving your whole life. Human Papiloma Virus causes cervical cancer. A lot of women I've taken care of lose their uterus', lose their cervix. It's a big painful process to be monitored all the time, but I'm very concerned about you being exposed and then you spreading the problem. So, the only way to deal with that is not a birth control pill. It's not a diaphragm or an IUD. The only way to deal with that is a condom.

There are now female condoms that are now more cumbersome to put in. But they work. And there are male condoms. But you gotta control your destiny. This is all about mental resilience. You being tough enough in the moment, which is hard to do because you're gonna be all passionate and everything else. For you to be able to say at that moment "No. This is my priority in life. I'm gonna pay the penalty for the rest of my existence if I don't deal with it now."

All the throat cancer these days women are getting, that's also from oral sex. So this is not just related to... I'm giving women an excuse finally to say "no". "No, I heard it on the show!"