As much as we may not want to contemplate life's "what ifs." the most important way you can truly love your family is to make sure that if anything were to happen to you, they would be okay. And that starts with making sure you have a will and trust in place that spells out everything for them.
Video: Watch Suze answer Tansie's questions about Special Needs Trusts.

If you answer Yes to any of the questions, then you should be establishing a trust.
- Do you have a financial interest in a business?
- Do you have beneficiaries under the age of 25?
- Do you have children with special needs, meaning they will never be able to financially support themselves due to a disability?
- Are you in a second or third marriage?
- Are you on bad terms with any of your heirs?
- Are any family members physically ill or developmentally disabled?
- Is any family member in need of creditor protection?
- Do you own real estate of any value in more than one state?
- Is your estate worth close to $1,000,000?

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Money Lesson: Living in the moment doesn't mean you can forget about the future. Financial security often boils down to the simple task of anticipating the consequences of your actions. The goal is to make sure that whatever choices you make today you can handle tomorrow.