If you are unhappy in your current job, my advice is to take a step back and see how you might be able to make it work for you. The truth that you must face is that in this lousy job market, the job you have is a great job because it is a job. You cannot afford to walk away from any job today without having another job lined up.

Mini Action Plan Reality Check:
1. Your thoughts create reality, so change your attitude to make your job work for you.
2. Think about what kind of response you are getting when you look for another job.
3. If you want to leave your job now, how much of an emergency fund do you have?

Video: Watch Suze answer the question: “I hate my job! Can I quit?”

Suze's List: What You Must Have Lined Up Before You Voluntarily Leave a Job
1. Another job
2. A 16-Month Emergency Fund
3. Health Insurance

Money Lesson: You cannot leave your job unless you have a 16-month emergency fund.