What is Shades of Hope, and what is your treatment philosophy?

Shades of Hope is an all-addiction treatment center specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. Throughout its twenty-five years of existence, the center has become a leader in treating food as an addiction and treating those with eating disorders and other addictive behaviors (drug, alcohol, self-harm, sex/love, etc.) simultaneously. Shades is committed to treating the totality of the client and their family.

It has always been the philosophy at Shades that eating disorders respond to addiction treatment that is traditional for chemical dependencies. Food, sex, love, and self-harm are often used as mechanisms to control and/or ease the pain of life. We believe that addicts all fall under the same umbrella, and our work is to provide avenues for clients to delve deep within and confront not only the outward behaviors of addiction, but also the secrets, pain, self-loathing, and blame that lie beneath.

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