Tennie's 5 tips to continue on in recovery

1. Be conscious of what you eat: eating disorder patients often go on auto-pilot and consume food while watching TV, driving, working and generally not paying attention to what they are putting in their bodies. Pay attention.

2. Eat with intention: know that you need food for nutrients and to live a healthy fulfilled life. Eat those foods that help you accomplish that and allow your body to work the way it is supposed to.

3. Maintain a healthy meal plan: if you know ahead of time what you need to purchase at the market, you will make smart choices and focus on fresh foods. If you know what you are going to eat for your meals, you are less likely to grab something unhealthy.

4. Eat by the clock: recovering food addicts should eat every 3.5 - 4 hours during the day in moderation, just as they would take medication on a regular schedule.

5. Recovery is not a diet: food addicts will be in recovery the rest of their lives. Recovery is a way of life.

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