"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 3 guest Doris Johnson

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Doris Provided This Update:
It's been six years since the webcast. It took me three years to get where I am now. Such a short time for so much change.

The webcast with Oprah and Eckhart was in March 2008, in the middle of the night as I Skyped in from London. Before I start my story, here is the situation I was in at that time, in a nutshell:
  • I'm originally from Germany, and I live by myself in London, U.K.
  • I was in between jobs.
  • For decades, I was on not so good terms with my ailing mother.
  • My two elder sisters and I were not talking.
  • My eldest daughter and granddaughter lived in Germany.
  • My two younger daughters lived in the United States.
I wasn't happy with the situation I was in, and I knew NOW was the time to change and straighten things out.

A week after the webcast I got a job offer. I received an email from the VP of the company I left behind in Germany in 2006. ... I felt the angels are taking over. I knew I had to talk to my family, so I went back home. The job wasn't certain until May, but I knew it would happen because the time was NOW. ... A week after my arrival in Germany, I got the job, and started a week later.

Also, immediately after my arrival, I reached out to my mother. She was already in a wheelchair, and her health was declining. We forgave each other and apologized. She couldn't talk much, so our eyes and hearts did most of the talking. We held hands and made up. ... In 2010, our mother crossed over knowing that all her children were united and talking and that we accepted each other with our differences. My sisters, my daughters, nieces and nephews and I were united in peace, love and harmony at her funeral.

Just after my mother's passing, I met an Indian doctor and meditation yogi. She taught me how to meditate, and she taught me to be a meditation yogi myself.

Now that all was in order, we decided it was time for me to relocate to the United States to be reunited with my daughters. It was in July 2011 when I arrived here. We moved together to beautiful Flowery Branch, Georgia, and we've been living together ever since. I found a great job that I love, and I love life here in the United States. ... I feel peace inside of me. I have faith that everything is perfect—I whole-heartedly believe in the power of now and have no worries whatsoever. Life is good.