Wynonna says she's finally putting herself first. "I feel like I finally got it. I turned 45, went through a horrible divorce," she says. "I lost my family and I gained myself because I was all alone with God."

Wynonna says she's also found balance. "I just started to say no, which was painful. I started to work less," she says. "And I'm making more because I'm making decisions based on faith, not fear."

Her need to please is also a thing of the past. "I don't have to solve everything, and I don't care as much if everyone loves me," she says.

Instead, Wynonna enjoys the present. "Before I came [onstage], I stopped and I looked around. I paid attention to my environment and where I'm at," she says. "I'm not so hell-bent on the destination. I know it's a journey. I'm in a really good place."


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